Let’s Talk About Freak Accidents

February 9, 2024

Freak accidents. You may have experienced one yourself, and unfortunately, this story is all too common. For example, maybe you threw out your back doing something as simple as putting socks on. It’s easy to blame this situation on moving a ‘wrong”, but the reality is you’ve put your socks on thousands of times without this happening.

And while these can be moments of pain and frustration, it’s an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what’s been going on in life.

At More Than Movement, we take patients and clients through a screen of our lifestyle buckets.

What has my routine in the gym looked like? Any sudden changes or increases in my programming?

Have I been away from my normal routine and just getting back into it?

What have my stress levels looked like at work or in my personal life?

Has sleep taken a hit recently?

Typically in this reflection process, we can find some pieces of our life that have taken the backburner in the lead up to our incident. If not, we also recognize that sometimes, freak accidents happen, and it’s just exactly just that.

The point is, it’s rarely ‘one’ thing that has led us to our current situation, but being able to take inventory of our ‘ecosystem’ allows us to make sense of our state.

While that reflection may or may not immediately affect our current situation, what it will do is make us wiser moving forward – allowing us to make better decisions when life inevitably gets challenging.

If you’re ready to take an inventory of your ecosystem and make lasting change, our physical therapy and training teams are here to help be your guide.

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