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nick perugini

Owner | Physical Therapist & Performance Coach

Physical Therapist & Performance Coach

My story starts as a youth athlete. I was lucky to have parents that were obsessed with movement and sport. My Mother coached my soccer and basketball teams. My Father coached my baseball and football teams. What I learned from both my parents, and the amazing coaches I’ve met over the years, is that the word “Coach” can be used to describe both a job, and a specific type of person. 

A coach guides and teaches. Supports and gives. They believe in you when you need it most.They always have the RIGHT THING for you at the RIGHT TIME. Somehow, they always have an answer. Growing up with coaches in my life shaped me to become who I am today. It's allowed me to work with professional athletes operating at the highest levels of baseball, lacrosse, rowing, crossfit, powerlifting, and endurance based sports.

It’s also what has allowed me to help people with decades of chronic pain get back to doing what they love, after giving up all hope.

The only thing worse than having back pain, is giving up the activities you love because of it.

The only thing worse than having knee pain, is your inability to be apart of the activity that makes you feel the most like YOU.

The only thing worse than having shoulder pain, is your inability to be surrounded by people you care about while enjoying the sport or activity that you enjoy the most. 

This process is More Than Movement. This is about reclaiming your health. Reclaiming your identiy. Reclaiming what makes you, YOU.


Physical Therapist & Performance Coach

Corey, a Newtown Square native, was always involved in athletics growing up, whether it was cheering for the Philly sports teams (which is tough at times) or competing in a variety of sports before ultimately playing lacrosse competitively in college. He was initially drawn to physical therapy after tearing his ACL for the third consecutive time, and fell in love with training and rehab in the process.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at Dickinson College before earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Arcadia University in Glenside.

Between undergrad and PT school, Corey gained experience as a strength and conditioning coach at Maplezone Sports Institute and Gage Strength, working with athletes from middle school through the professional level.

In Corey’s free time, you can find him at the Schuylkill river dog park, daydreaming about owning his own dog, or at his local coffee shop lost in a book. Corey is dedicated to helping his clients stay on the move in a healthy and sustainable way, so that they can live life unimpeded.

Fun fact about Corey: I once got lost in a corn maze for three hours and had to be rescued by a farmer on a tractor.

Morgan Tripi

Performance Coach

Growing up in upstate New York, Morgan is passionate about developing people’s physical potential. Its value to people’s health & longevity is unmatched, as well its ability to have positive downstream effects on social wellbeing.

In her free time, Morgan enjoys the pursuit of getting yoked, and is on a quest to visit all of the U.S. National Parks. She prioritizes a health-promoting lifestyle, and is able to do so largely thanks to the help of her social support system. She recognizes that social support is a key component to a sustainable health & fitness routine; Morgan is thrilled to be part of the More Than Movement team as it continues to grow and enhance its shared community that so many people are already thriving in.

Morgan completed her undergraduate studies in Mass Communications at Boston University before switching career paths and finding her purpose in coaching.

Fun fact about Morgan: I’ve seen every episode of Game of Thrones about a dozen times, so if you’d like to debate the ending of season 8, hit me up!

Kris Bittel

Performance Coach

Born and raised in Connecticut, Kris has always had an affinity, which later turned into a passion, for health and fitness. As a student he was a competitive swimmer turned coach and was introduced to the gym shortly after.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Sociology at the Pennsylvania State Unviersity, but found his true calling in the gym.

Kris has also earned his NASM CPT and is currently studying for his CSCS, allowing him to provide expert care to his clients.
Kris is dedicated to helping his clients reach their health and fitness goals, and building relationships so they feel comfortable to be themselves and to become the best versions of themselves. He believes every client deserves a curated program catered to them to achieve above and beyond their goals.

In his free time, Kris takes his passion outside of work and loves to train and lift with his girlfriend. Kris is no stranger to nutrition as he chefs it up in the kitchen almost every day, and loves to come up with delicious ways to maintain a balanced diet. Outside of fitness, kris absolutely dominates in Catan. If you ever want to play with him, please do not hesitate to reach out. Seriously. He’s begging you.

Fun fact: in Kris’s contract with More than Movement, there’s an addendum in which he refuses to wear shorts longer than a 5-inch inseem.

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