Let’s Talk About the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Mentality

January 26, 2024

A long told myth is that you must ‘feel the burn’ or feel pain and discomfort during your training sessions in order to see progress. People commonly think that they need to leave the gym feeling like they got hit by a truck for it to be considered a good workout.

This unfortunate myth only leads people to go through cycles of starting & quitting. Through cycles of seeing results and losing them. And ultimately, this leaves people feeling confused and like a failure for not seeing long term results.

Injury & pain should not be normalized in the fitness setting. There is a difference between giving high effort, and causing unnecessary harm. A seasoned coach will help you understand when it’s appropriate to push intensity and when it’s time to scale back.

The truth is, only consistent effort – in and out of the gym – can help you reach your health goals. A moderately challenging gym routine that you can sustain for years is far more valuable than going hard for 3 weeks before quitting…. again.

If you’re ready to quit for the last time, schedule a call with our coaching team today.

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