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July 31, 2023

Having a proper understanding of HOW to move your body can make a world of difference.

If you’ve spent 15 minutes in a doctor’s office for an injury, and they haven’t seen you move, how are they able to provide an appropriate plan forward for you?

This is the main difference between going to Physical Therapy and going to the doctor’s office for an injury.

One of the first assessments that we perform at More Than Movement is assessing control of how your upper body and lower body interact.

The core is responsible for transferring force between the upper and lower body. HOW we are able to coordinate our ribcage (upper body) and pelvis (lower body) determines how our core will be able to transfer forces to the correct areas.

We use a teaching tool called the “Two Thumb Rule” to introduce this concept to new patients to regain an understanding of how to control these two halves of the body. By organizing the upper and lower half in different ways, we begin to form an understanding of how to redistribute stress throughout the body.

For our patients who have never been able to “feel” their glutes or core, this is often our first step to help them rediscover what their body is capable of.

You can find a deep dive into the two thumb rule below:

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