Pain & Your Ecosystem

December 5, 2022

What makes a flower grow?

The quality of the seed.

The nutrients of the soil.

The way it’s positioned towards the sun.

The time of year.

The humidity.

The list can go on and on. 

The body is an ecosystem. It’s a complex, biological, adaptable system that responds to its environment. Seemingly unrelated variables interact with each other to create its current state. 

Traditional methods and philosophies in medicine have treated the body as a machine, full of individual parts that interact with each other to make the whole.

The problem with this model is that machines don’t adapt to their environments. They aren’t constantly evolving and chasing homeostasis, or balance. 

When one piece of a machine malfunctions, the entire system breaks down. 

That’s not how the human body works. We see this time and time again when humans recover from accidents or injuries. The system adapts. It finds a way.

The pain you are experiencing is a signal that your body is out of homeostasis. It’s feedback that should be taken into consideration. It’s up to us to find the contributing factors in your ecosystem to create the largest and most effective change as possible. 

Don’t blame the seed. 

Tend to your ecosystem.

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